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These days we are living longer, staying much healthier and are therefore living a very active retirement. Whilst this is very good news the downside is that it costs money! Because of this many people are looking for a different way to supplement or maintain their lifestyle. You can too by releasing some of the equity from your house.


Freedom Equity Release was formed to provide specialist independent advice to clients in the ever-expanding market of Equity Release.


We understand that equity release can sometimes seem confusing and aim to advise you regarding, eligibility, the different types of Plans and whether any are suitable for you?


Freedom Equity Release will look into all your options and only recommend an equity release scheme if it is suitable for you.


All you need to know...


Am I Eligible for Equity Release?

Find out more about Equity Release...


How Much could I borrow with Equity Release?

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How Does Equity release Work? –

Learn more about your options...


What Can Equity Release be used for?

Find out more about Equity Release...


Why should I use Freedom Equity Release?

Find out why you should use us...


How Much will it cost me to set up an Equity Release facility?

Learn more about the costs associated with Equity Release...


'What are the alternatives to Equity Release?

Learn more about the alternatives to Equity Release...



Here to Help...


We have helped guide numerous clients UK wide through the Equity Release process, so if you would like a no-obligation chat please get in touch. Equity Release Plans are not suitable for everyone, if for example an interest only or repayment  mortgage was found to be a better option for you, you have the benefit of knowing that we are also authorised to arrange mortgages and can happily do so for you.



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This Website refers to Home Reversion Schemes and Lifetime Mortgages.


To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalized illustration.


Upfront & Honest...


With many of our competitors it can be hard to find the costs of their services on their website or literature. We believe it’s important to know all the potential costs involved in Equity Release, so we make this very clear in an upfront and honest way.


Typically for the majority of our clients our fee works out at approximately £500 which is only payable on successful completion.


Free initial consultation.


For exact details of our fees, please click here



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